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Streamline Premium Billing

We Improve Premium Payment Rates. Period.

States that implement Medicaid or CHIP premium billing often experience payment rates as low as 20%. Those uncaptured premium dollars lead to high billing administrative costs.

By automating the billing process, allowing for more payment methods, streamlining the delinquency notification process, and integrating with alternative collection methods, we improve the billing process. It's why our customers achieve on-time payment rates nearing 90%, helping reduce the overall burden of billing administration.

4 Ways to Improve Medicaid Premium Billing Payment Rates


What Makes Certifi Unique?

retail cash payment network
Unique Retail Cash Payment Network

In addition to a payment portal accepting one-time and recurring payments, our unique retail cash payment network is key to improving payment rates, especially for the relatively small premium amounts commonly found in Medicaid billing.

delinquency notifications
Automated Delinquency Management

Our rules-based delinquency management solution leverages collections triggers to automate the delinquency process. Plus, notifications are completely customizable, ensuring the right message at the right time to the right population.

billing rules
Configurable Billing Rules

You likely have unique populations with unique billing rules. Our configurable billing rules manage multiple grace periods, billing frequencies, run and period dates and more.

alternative payment methods
Alternative Collection Methods

We've implemented alternative collection methods, like integrations to the Department of Revenue to help states collect delinquent premiums from an individual's state tax filling.

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Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers help states create innovative new Medicaid programs. Here's an overview of states that require premiums.

What Our Clients Say

“Certifi has a credible and accessible leadership team, highly skilled developers, a robust platform, and competitive pricing. What impressed us most was the dedication Certifi brought to understanding our needs. Instead of adjusting our requirements to fit their capabilities, they stretched their capabilities to meet our requirements. The ongoing relationship has been excellent, too. We feel confident that Certifi is committed to our success.”

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