Member Engagement - A Health Insurer's Guide

Member Engagement - A Health Insurers Guide - Cover

The health insurance industry is transforming. Many forward-looking insurers have recognized that the growth of consumer-driven healthcare means they can escape the commoditization of health insurance by delivering a better, coordinated member experience.

As a result, a great member experience becomes vitally important to an insurer’s success.      

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Three Keys to Member Engagement



If you have an underperforming member services team, you'll likely fail to meet member engagement goals. Learn how to develop high-performing member services team members.



By mapping the member journey and seeing your processes from their perspective, you'll be better able to learn how to improve the member experience.



With great people and a great member journey map, it's time to turn to technology to see how to can automate and improve your people and processes.

The Future of Health Insurance is Member-Centric

Health insurers that deliver a great member experience have a competitive advantage. Not only will they be better positioned to take advantage of the ACA's more competitive markets, but they'll also be able to retain and grow their membership.

Future of health insurance

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