AI for Insurance: A Practical Handbook

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ChatGPT's launch in late 2022 turned 2023 into the Year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Interest in AI technology exploded, and it soon became a business buzzword.

AI offers numerous opportunities for insurers to improve and streamline processes, including claims processing, member engagement, and prior authorization. 

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  • How to perform an AI readiness assessment
  • How to structure your organization
  • How to develop and implement AI
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Practical AI Tips and Examples to Use in Your Organization


Understand AI Readiness

Assessing AI readiness involves evaluating your company’s capabilities, resources, and infrastructure to determine its ability to implement and leverage AI technologies. Learn how to perform that assessment.


Learn how to Structure Your Organization

You have many options when structuring your organization to take advantage of AI resources. Learn the pros and cons of each structural design.


Read Examples from your Insurance Peers 

Learn potential AI use cases and read examples of how competing insurers have leveraged AI to improve processes and meet organizational goals.

AI Can Significantly Impact Your Organization.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is leveraging AI to automate and improve its fraud and abuse detection capabilities. Through early 2023, the insurer confirmed 65 to 70% of those flagged as potential fraud were actual fraud.


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