A Health Insurer's Guide to Digital Transformation

A Health Insurers Guide to Digital Transfomation

External disruptors - a pandemic, new technology-focused startups, increasing competition - are forcing health insurers to adapt. Those that digitally transform their businesses will gain a competitive advantage.

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Discover the Benefits of a Digital Transformation


Better Competitive Positioning

Payers are finding increasing competition for members. Technology that streamlines processes can help payers compete.


Better Business Decisions

Leveraging advanced data analytics tools and machine learning helps payers make better, data-based decisions.


Long-term Cost Containment

Short-term digital investments can help trim costs in the long-term, helping insurers gain market share.

See How Other Payers are Leveraging Technology

Learn how Cigna leveraged data and their analytics capabilities to improve employer visibility during the COVID-19 pandemic, how Aetna saved $6 million with an AI solution and how Centene reduced pended claims processing times from an average of 18 minutes to 3 seconds.

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